Pork fatback

Pork fatback is a fat cold cut, with just a small amount of lean meat in variable proportion depending on what the pig has eaten and when, during the year, we butchered it. Our cold cuts are not mass-produced: we get the most of each and every animal, to enhance our precious raw material and provide a genuine taste experience. 

Grigio del Casentino pork fatback - Salt - Pepper - Garlic - Chilli - Herbs
no allergens
no dyes
no preservatives
Nutrition facts


Lactose free Lactose free
Naturally gluten-free Naturally gluten-free
Con ossa With bone
Minimum curing60 days Minimum curing
60 days
Available packages
Piece  0.3 Kg Available packages
Piece 0.3 Kg
Packedvacuum-sealed Packed
Shelf life45 days Shelf life
45 days
Shipping express refrigerated courier Shipping
express refrigerated courier


Grigio del Casentino fatback, obtained from the fat between the neck and the shoulders or from the cut between the pork belly and the sirloin, is an exceptional cold cut. You can enjoy it simply as it is, with a slice of bread, or in traditional recipes like Tuscan soups, where it spreads all of its unique flavor. 

Pork fatback is firm and compact and becomes more and more smooth with curing. In our humidity and climate-controlled cellars, we season it with herbs until it achieves the perfect taste, the outcome of skilful care and an exceptional raw material.  

High traceability High traceability
Butchering at 14 months Butchering at 14 months
From extensive breeding From extensive breeding
Life in the woods Life in the woods
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Why are our cured meats so special?

Our cured meats are:

  • Tasty and healthy. Our meat has an incomparable taste because our pigs feed on nature
  • Ethical and sustainable. Our animals are free to move in their natural habitat; we only slaughter pigs that are at least 14-month-old and we use all of their meat
  • Safe, for all. Our products mature in humidity and climate-controlled cellars and are naturally free of gluten, lactose and allergens  
  • Natural. We season our cured products only with spices and herbs, with no preservatives, dyes, nitrite, nitrate, artificial flavorings or thickening agents

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