This pork stew, slow-cooked at low temperatures, has an intense flavor with plenty of pepper. “Peposo”, from the Italian word pepe, pepper, is one of the most typical dishes of Tuscany in a convenient version: just heat it up to enjoy the authentic taste of the Grigio del Casentino® pork stew.

no dyes
no preservatives
Nutrition facts


Senza lattosio
senza glutine
Minimo 90 giorni
Formati disponibili
Intero 2kg - 3 fette 0,3kg
Shelf life media
Spedizione con corriere espresso refrigerato


“Peposo” originated alongside the Dome of Florence Cathedral. In front of the furnaces where bricks were produced, leftover cuts of not-so-fresh meat were cooked, and the pepper was used to cover the smell.

Today, things are very different: our “peposo” is made with meat from the pig’s shanks, a lean cut rich in tendons and cartilage. The long, slow cooking at low temperatures is precisely aimed at making them tender and super flavorful. The process is artisanal, with fresh and strictly Italian ingredients, whenever possible farm-to-table, without dyes, preservatives, glutamate or chemical additives.

High traceability
Butchering at 14 months
From extensive breeding
Life in the woods
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Why is our cooked meat so special?

Our cooked meat is

  • Tasty and healthy. Our meat has an incomparable taste because our pigs feed on nature
  • Ethical and sustainable. Our animals are free to move in their natural habitat; we only slaughter pigs that are at least 14-month-old and we use all of their meat. 
  • Safe, for everyone. Totally traceable and produced in our lab, naturally without gluten, lactose and allergens
  • Natural. We only season them with natural spices and herbs. We do not use preservatives, dyes, nitrites, nitrates, artificial flavorings or thickeners

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