Capaccia – from the Italian capo, head – is a mix of different cuts and textures that combine to create the perfect balance. Head, rind and offal are coarsely grounded and seasoned with orange and lemon, for a slice of pure, traditional taste.

Grigio del Casentino pork head - Grigio del Casentino pork rind - Salt - Garlic - Pepper - Grigio del Casentino pork offal - Orange juice and peel - Lemon juice and peel - Chilli - Nutmeg
no allergens
no dyes
no preservatives
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Lactose free Lactose free
Naturally gluten-free Naturally gluten-free
Con ossa With bone
Curing- Curing
Available packagesHalf 15 kg - Piece 2,5 kg - Small piece 1 kg Available packages
Half 15 kg - Piece 2,5 kg - Small piece 1 kg
PackedVacuum-sealed Packed
Shelf life 45 days Shelf life
45 days
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Traditionally, capaccia was a poor product, “invented” to save the less noble cuts from the pork. All the meat was coarsely cut by knife and stuffed: we are right when we say “everything but the oink”! Our statement is mainly ethical, but is also a great opportunity to discover again the genuine taste of our tradition. And the recipe of our capaccia is really superb. 

We only use natural ingredients and the meat of a special pig, our Grigio del Casentino, and this makes all the difference. We decided not to accept compromises. We aim to promote a healthy, genuine, ethical and sustainable meat consumption and the only way to do so is to remain true to ourselves. 

High traceability High traceability
Butchering at 14 months Butchering at 14 months
From extensive breeding From extensive breeding
Life in the woods Life in the woods
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Why is our cooked meat so special?

Our cooked meat is

  • Tasty and healthy. Our meat has an incomparable taste because our pigs feed on nature
  • Ethical and sustainable. Our animals are free to move in their natural habitat; we only slaughter pigs that are at least 14-month-old and we use all of their meat. 
  • Safe, for everyone. Totally traceable and produced in our lab, naturally without gluten, lactose and allergens
  • Natural. We only season them with natural spices and herbs. We do not use preservatives, dyes, nitrites, nitrates, artificial flavorings or thickeners

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