A delight to be spread on a slice of bread, a dense and velvety cream flavored with aromatic herbs. A jar as exceptional as it is convenient, which enhances the unique taste of Grigio del Casentino® lard.

Grigio del Casentino pork fatback, Salt, Ground pepper, Chilli, Wild fennel, Sage, Rosemary
no dyes
no preservatives
Nutrition facts


Lactose free
Naturally gluten-free
With bone
Available packages
212 g
Shelf life
2 years
express courier


It all begins with Grigio del Casentino® pork lard, a product that is the perfect balance of time, temperature, and humidity. The compact fat ages in our humidity and climate-controlled cellars and is then flavored with aromatic herbs to achieve a perfectly creamy texture.

The best way to enjoy it? Serve it on a warm slice of bread, so that it melts slightly and releases all its aromas. From a raw material of the highest quality comes an equally delicious product, made only with genuine and natural ingredients and all the sincere goodness of Grigio del Casentino®.

High traceability
Butchering at 14 months
From extensive breeding
Life in the woods
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Why is our cooked meat so special?

Our cooked meat is

  • Tasty and healthy. Our meat has an incomparable taste because our pigs feed on nature
  • Ethical and sustainable. Our animals are free to move in their natural habitat; we only slaughter pigs that are at least 14-month-old and we use all of their meat. 
  • Safe, for everyone. Totally traceable and produced in our lab, naturally without gluten, lactose and allergens
  • Natural. We only season them with natural spices and herbs. We do not use preservatives, dyes, nitrites, nitrates, artificial flavorings or thickeners

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