Fresh sambudello sausage

Long live the offal! Who says it is not as noble as the other cuts? Our fresh sambudello sausage perfectly proves it: aromatic and spicy, it intrigues the most unconventional palates. It is the epitome of the exploitation of every part of the pork and we gave it a new, re-discovered guise.

Grigio del Casentino pork mixed meat - Grigio del Casentino pork offal - Salt - Pepper - Garlic - Wild fennel seeds and flowers - Chilli
no allergens
no dyes
no preservatives
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Lactose free Lactose free
Naturally gluten-free Naturally gluten-free
Con ossa With bone
Curing- Curing
Available packages5 pieces 0.5 Kg Available packages
5 pieces 0.5 Kg
PackedVacuum-sealed Packed
Shelf life 20 days Shelf life
20 days
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Fresh sambudello sausage stems from the need to save the meat for the periods of famine. The name itself proves it: sambudello is a Tuscan word that comes from “s’ha un budello?” (“do we have a gut?”). Pork butchers would try to save and store all they could after the butchering, including the less noble cuts, for which they need a natural casing. Our recipe is less “strong” than the original, but still, intense and genuine. 

Wild fennel flowers, picked in the fields and dried naturally, perfectly match this super tasty meat, which is just slightly fatter than the normal sausages. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most unconventional products, traditional and local, but with a great personality. Aromatic, spicy and even sweet, our sambudello can become a truly interesting ingredient for traditional and creative recipes. 

High traceability High traceability
Butchering at 14 months Butchering at 14 months
From extensive breeding From extensive breeding
Life in the woods Life in the woods
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Why is our fresh meat so special?

Our fresh meat is:

  • Tasty and healthy. Our meat has an incomparable taste because our pigs feed on nature
  • Ethical and sustainable. Our animals are free to move in their natural habitat; we only slaughter pigs that are at least 14-month-old and we use all of their meat. 
  • Perfectly balanced. Lean meat and fat are in the right proportion: the meat is healthy and scrumptious
  • Pure and simple. With a raw material such as this, you don’t need anything else. Our fresh meat does not require long cooking or elaborate recipes, since it is just perfect already. 

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